As their name says, the Scottish Highland originated in the highlands and the western islands of Scotland, areas well-known for severe weather and rugged terrain.  The Highland is a smaller sized animal with horns and long hair.  The combination of their small size and hair coat help them to thrive in tough conditions.
We have enjoyed building our Highland fold and working with this breed.  They are an easy to care for animal, the calves are born small and grow quickly due to the rich milk that Highlands produce.  In the grazing season Highlands will rummage graze and eat the vegetation that most cattle pass by.  In the winter when other animals are hiding from the wind and the cold the Highlands will stay out where the feed is.
The hair on a Highland not only keeps them warm through the cold winter months but it also allows them to put the fat produced into their meat. This results with a nicely marbled piece of meat at butcher time without dealing with the outside fat other breeds need to stay warm.
Registered Scottish Highlands image