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Little Oakie Cat - 2003 - 5 panel N/N

Doc's Hickory

High Brow Hickory

Grulla San
High Brow Cat

Smart Little Lena

Smart Little Kitty

Doc's Kitty

Doc O'lena

Smart Little Lena

Smart Peppy
Little Cow Oakie

Doc's Oak

Oh San Oak

Oh San Peppy

In 2010, when we were starting up our breeding program, we were fortunate to find Cat and have the opportunity to purchase him. With a pedigree full of notable horses and sired by the great High Brow Cat we thought we were on to something. Not only is Cat phenomenally bred he is well built, kind, athletic and he passes those qualities on to his offspring. With almost $150 000.00 offspring earnings in all arenas (team roping, reined cowhorse, cutting, barrel racing and reining) he has also proved to pass on talent, trainability and versatility.

Almosta Hickie

AQHA 5041433

Hickie is a smart looking mare. She is a beautiful mare that has a great natural way of moving. To date she is our leading offspring earner with over $15000 we are very happy with her foals and how trainable they are.

A Delightful Cook

AQHA 4724772

Delight is a powerful, dark brown mare. She is a solidly built mare and passes that on to her foals. Many of them have gone onto perform in the rodeo arena.

Dmac Spoonful Of Kit

AQHA 5183071

Kit is a gorgeous bay mare with a flashy amount of white. She passes this flash off to her offspring, not only does she pass good coloring on to the foals she raises they are quick to learn, easy to ride and are natural movers.

Holey Smart Cat

AQHA 5443717

Holly is an eye-catching sorrel mare. Her offspring have all been talented, easy moving horses that are very eye catching. If you want a foal that naturally knows a cow keep an eye open for her offspring.

Sheza Genuine Catch

AQHA 4990640

Ginny is a kind, soft minded mare. Her road to becoming a cowhorse was cut short by an eye injury leaving her blind on one side. We have raised many nice foals out of her they are well built, trainable, talented horses.


AQHA 5293129

Dipper is a powerful built mare. She has everything we wanted in a broodmare talent, cow, good conformation and colour. We have never focused on colour, we actually purchased a mare with Dipper inside, once we started her and saw how much talent she had we decided to breed her.

Smarty Blue It

AQHA 5347353

Smarty has much more to love than just her beautiful roan colour. This is a mare that actually was hard to move from the riding herd into the broodmare herd but it was not a mistake. She passes all her likeable qualities into her foals not to mention there is usually some type of roan colour.

Soula Gallita

AQHA 5144278

Julie is a strong, chromed up sorrel. She is a late addition to our breeding herd we are impressed with the foals she has produced for us. They are talented, easy to train and have lots of cow they are well suited for any cow events.

SR Sonitas Drift

AQHA 4231480

Sonita is a well built stout mare with loads of talent. She was used as a ranch horse in her younger years before we started our breeding program. With over $11800 offspring earnings we are very happy with the foals she raises.

We are currently working on updating our sale page please check back to see what we have.

Please feel free to send us updates on what you are doing with your Little Oakie Cat offspring.

- Thanks Brittany Wall we hope you enjoy many years with Dippin Some Cats.

- Thank you Lynn Semchuk we wish you a great future with Cats Lil Twinkle.

- Thank you Tyler and Shauna Getz on the purchase of Blu Little Kitty.

- Thank you Pam and Brian Nickel on the purchase of Cat Smart Holly (Holey Smart Cat X Little Oakie Cat) name pending.

- Thank you Skylar Stephenson for your purchase of A Smart Spoonfull (Dmac Spoonful Of Kit X Little Oakie Cat).

- Congatulations Sunrise Ranch (Rick Wiebe) on your successful season showing Little Bellanita (SR Sonitas Drift X Little Oakie Cat).  Earning over $7500 in Reined Cowhorse events.

- Sonitaslittledrifter (SR Sonitas Drift X Little Oakie Cat) champion head horse at the 2020 Manitoba Rope Horse Futurity.

- Thank you Rick Weibe and family (Sunrise Ranch) for the all the work and time you put into Cats Lil Hickie (Almosta Hickie X Little Oakie Cat). Showing her in the Reined Cowhorse event as a 3 and 4 year old earning her over $12000.

As their name says, the Scottish Highland originated in the highlands and the western islands of Scotland, areas well-known for severe weather and rugged terrain.  The Highland is a smaller sized animal with horns and long hair.  The combination of their small size and hair coat help them to thrive in tough conditions.
We have enjoyed building our Highland fold and working with this breed.  They are an easy to care for animal, the calves are born small and grow quickly due to the rich milk that Highlands produce.  In the grazing season Highlands will rummage graze and eat the vegetation that most cattle pass by.  In the winter when other animals are hiding from the wind and the cold the Highlands will stay out where the feed is.
The hair on a Highland not only keeps them warm through the cold winter months but it also allows them to put the fat produced into their meat. This results with a nicely marbled piece of meat at butcher time without dealing with the outside fat other breeds need to stay warm.
Registered Scottish Highlands image

If you are looking for really cute lawnmower or wanting to finish your own beef please feel free to contact us we have a limited number of steers available. Steers born in 2020 - $1200 and steer born in 2019 - $1600.

Please check back for updates on other cattle we may have for sale.

We occasionally have hides for sale if you are interested please contact us to reserve one.

Evermore Highland Heritage

Reg# 17226

Bart, stepped up this year to move into the roll of herdsire. He is a stout, thick built bull we used him one season on our angus heifers and we are now excited to see what he produces in our Highland program.

Black Watch Chopper

Reg# 16127

Chopper was a great find for us, he was the first Highland bull we purchased and we raised many good heifers off of him. He is now deceased but we are glad to keep his genetics going in our fold for years to come.

Home Raised Highland  Beef image
Highland beef is a great meat it is tender, well marbled and full of flavour.  The meat we offer for sale is grain finished and raised on free choice pasture (in summer) hay (in winter).  Our Highland beef is processed at a Saskatchewan Health inspected facility owned and operated by a local family.  Please have a look at the meat packages we offer to find something that will keep you fed and happy.

A side of beef - $4.00/lb
Buying your beef by the half, or side is by far the cheapest way to be sure you are getting to eat a great piece of beef every time. By purchasing your beef by the side you are able to supply the cutting instructions. If you are new to ordering meat and not sure what you want, we are ready to have a conversation with you to help make an order that will fit your preferences.
Cutting options include:
-steak thickness
-how many per package
-weight of the roasts
-amount of ground beef per package
-how you want the ribs cut (if you want ribs)
We sell our sides based on the hanging weight, which is the side of beef hanging in the butcher's cooler after the hide, head, feet and organs have been removed, but before it is cut into pieces.
Example: A 1000lb live animal will hang approximately 300lb per side (what the purchase price is based on) and should yield 186-215lb of cut, wrapped and frozen meat. Closer estimates can be provided at the time of ordering.
We will also sell a whole beef if you have a lot of mouths to feed.

Delivery to a central location in Saskatoon and Regina may be available.

Side of Beef image
Quarter of Beef $4.00/lb
If a side of beef seems like it may be too much for you, we offer quarters. A quarter of beef is NOT a front or back quarter, it is a half that we split in half again. You get a proportional quantity of all the traditional cuts of a side. Steaks are 1 inch thick, 2 per package, roasts are 4-4.5lbs, ground beef comes in 1.5lb packages and ribs can be included on request.
We sell our quarters based on the hanging weight, which is 50% of the side of the side hanging in the butcher's cooler after the hide, head, feet and organs have been removed, but before it is cut into pieces.
Example: A 1000lb live animal will hang approximately 150lbs per quarter (what the purchase price is based on) and should yield 93-105lbs of cut, wrapped and frozen meat. Closer estimates can be provided at the time of ordering.

Delivery to a central location in Saskatoon and Regina may be available.

Quarter of Beef image
Grillers Deluxe $180.00
The Grillers Deluxe is a 30lb package made up of an asssortment of grilling steaks, ground beef and ribs, everything you need to enjoy some time with your BBQ.

30lb Sample Box $180.00
15lb Sample Box $90.00
Our sample boxes are perfect for people who have limited freezer space or are interested in our prime Highland beef.  The Sample Boxes contain a variety of the traditional cuts of beef: grilling steaks, ground beef, roasts and if requested we can substitute some ribs for ground beef.
Beef Boxes image