Quarter of Beef $4.00/lb
If a side of beef seems like it may be too much for you, we offer quarters. A quarter of beef is NOT a front or back quarter, it is a half that we split in half again. You get a proportional quantity of all the traditional cuts of a side. Steaks are 1 inch thick, 2 per package, roasts are 4-4.5lbs, ground beef comes in 1.5lb packages and ribs can be included on request.
We sell our quarters based on the hanging weight, which is 50% of the side of the side hanging in the butcher's cooler after the hide, head, feet and organs have been removed, but before it is cut into pieces.
Example: A 1000lb live animal will hang approximately 150lbs per quarter (what the purchase price is based on) and should yield 93-105lbs of cut, wrapped and frozen meat. Closer estimates can be provided at the time of ordering.

Delivery to a central location in Saskatoon and Regina may be available.

Quarter of Beef image