Red Spring Ranch is located in east central Saskatchewan, Canada and is owned by Lester and Kate Pryce. In the spring of 2009, we put in motion our goal of putting together a small broodmare band, with the aim to raise horses that can and will do anything.

We found broodmares with bloodlines by:

Caught Me Lookin
Hes A Peptospoonful
Docs Stylish Oak
Justa Swinging Peppy
Gallo Del Cielo (Rooster)

WR This Cats Smart
Haidas Little Pep
Mecom Blue
Smart Little Lena
Soula Jule Star

Built to Work for You

We have both spent a lot of time working with and riding horses.
We know and believe that disposition and trainability is very important. We know there is a lot of value to having a horse that can and will do anything. We are raising our colts and building our mare band with that goal in mind for the future owners of our horses.

        Lester & Kate

We would like to say thank you to the following friends of Red Spring Ranch! We wish you and your horses all the best in the future!

  • Ken and Karen Mix
  • Will Campbell
  • Peter and Pam Gonnet
  • Greg and Laurel Vaadeland
  • Brian Birkett